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Julia Flammann
February 29, 2024

I truly enjoyed the experience on board the submarine during the sunset cruise. It is a unique experience that should definitely not be missed. I can recommend this experience to anyone who would like to have a romantic date or fun time with friends, see Stonetown from a completely different perspective, have great snacks and drinks, and just enjoy the time to the fullest. The entire crew is welcoming and accommodating.

Julia F
February 29, 2024

Such a unique and great experience, you have to do it!

The submarine is such a unique experience, it really made our day in Zanzibar special. You are perfectly taken care of, the team is very accomodating and they put a lot of attention to details. The waiting lounge is beautifully decorated with complimentary drinks, during the cruise they offer snacks and champagne and they document the whole journey with a Go Pro, so that you'll receive pictures as memory. It offers you a complete different view of Stonetown from the sea side.

claudine eiman
February 9, 2024

What an adventure for me with wonderful staff to boot. Thank you, it was awesome!

Lena Krebs
February 1, 2024

We wanted to book this tour but before we could do that a very unfriendly lady with a thshirt "Forodhani park" security came & sent us away, saying we are to loud (normal talking behind their tent). After that she & others of the staff sit on the same place and talk loud and play with their phones. Not customerfriendly at all!!!

amazing trip with great staff and the videos sent are all topnotch hope I can come back

Musoke Bakers
January 6, 2024

Very disappointed with these people, they have the worst customer service ever, they promise to send you videos they record which they never do and after sometime, they will block you for demanding what you paid for! Scammers just!

Daniel Parízek
January 3, 2024

Krasne miesto

Zile Master
January 3, 2024

The pleasure of experiencing the wonders of underwater life with Zanzibar Submarine and the adventure were nothing short of magical. 😊The transparent hull provided a captivating view of the vibrant marine life, allowing us to observe the underwater ecosystem in all its glory. The attention to safety was commendable, and we felt secure throughout the excursion. The crew's professionalism and commitment to our satisfaction were evident at every step...👍🏽 Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a family looking for a memorable outing, or someone seeking a peaceful escape, I must say that..... Zanzibar Submarine provides an unparalleled journey into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

Makara B. Brighton
January 1, 2024

Awesome experience for aquatic viewing in the ocean and and in the zanzibar